All Things Fashion – Handbags, Skirts and Shoes

I wasn’t always in love with fashion and everything that makes you feel pretty. Yes, one of my secrets is that I was an ugly duckling when growing up in middle school. Brand names such as Micheal Kors, Marc Jacob and Versace were foreign and I would have even laughed at you if you told me I would one day follow the upcoming trends on a weekly (agh, even daily) basis.

But here I am.


And you’d be amazed at how often I can spot an upcoming trend before it happens. Someday I hope this gift will be rewarded with a high paying job in one of the fashion industries most prestigious companies. So how does one spot fashion trends before the masses?

Well… I’d love to think it’s like investing (even though I barely know anything about that!) Instead of looking at what everyone is already doing in the fashion industry (in other words, what people are currently wearing). You’ll want to first look at the influences of the industry. Sometimes they don’t even know that they influence things however some celebrities (and some people that aren’t really in the spotlight) tend to just ‘get it’.  For instance, the latest movies often have hints of what people will be wearing in the next few years.

So how do you spot the fashion trend?

Essentially, whenever there is something unique in a new movie, a TV show or any mass viewed media, you have to ask the following questions: “Can this easily be replicated and worn by the majority of people?” Sunglasses are an easy one to spot: The way to know if a type of sunglasses is coming back is that when they are on the brink of return, you’ll start seeing them show up in a few movies. When the stars are wearing those same glasses off-set, that’s when you know they are really going to make it.


When it comes to handbags, purses and other fashion accessories. You’ll want to look at who’s wearing what during award shows. The Grammys and Academy Awards are great places to spot the newest trends. You’ll see the extreme end of the price spectrum but rest assured, the rest of the industry will follow in one way or another, creating stylish (yet more affordable) handbags. For instance, you’ll see retailers carry the Annabel Ingall collection which takes it’s fashion cues from the Hollywood elite.

So the next time you’re watching any show, pay attention to what stands out. If you’re avidly looking for these things, you’ll notice something new that wasn’t there the year before. That’s a big hint that it will end up being everywhere within the next year or so!

Fashion exceptions

I couldn’t end this without mentioning some exceptions. These really come with experience and you’ll learn to spot the fashion faux-pas that might work for one person but certainly won’t catch on with the masses. Most of the time you’ll find these trends to be too plain and easily confused with something else. People want their trends to be obvious so the subtle (yet stylish) trends never really make it in the spotlight.


The bottom line is that people follow who they admire. The more people admire someone, the more likely they are to mimic and expand on their idea of style.

If you feel like an ugly ducking, I know what that’s like but don’t despair! You just haven’t found the style that work for you yet. I’ve found a style that works for me, and you’ll find one too. I’d suggest looking at pinterest – see what catches your eye. Get a few new trendy items that fit you well (they don’t have to be expensive). Tell yourself that you’re worth it (it sounds cheesy, but it helps). The key to looking your best is feeling your best, the rest is all about experimenting with looks that make you feel good. I believe in you!

– Annabel